Rob Garf

About Rob Garf

As VP of Industry Strategy and Insights for Demandware, Rob Garf is no stranger to the industry and the challenges retailers face. As the former retail strategy leader for IBM Global Business Services and vice president of Retail Strategies Service at AMR Research, Rob's been on all sides of the business. He currently guides Demandware’s retail and product strategy.

What Does ‘Customer-Centric’ Really Mean?

What Does ‘Customer-Centric’ Really Mean?

The idea that retailers need to put the customer at the center of their activities – being “customer-centric” in industry parlance – has been around for years. But what does it really mean? And is anybody really doing it well? To find answers, Demandware partnered...

Demandware Predicts – Retail in 2016

Predictions are a funny thing. When prophecies are ultimately proven correct, prognosticators shout their brilliance from the rooftops. When they’re proven wrong (as is more often the case), the would-be oracle is typically found a safe distance from their crystal...